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AIMING AT THE SKY – 51 questions

Imprima as perguntas que desejar, responda-as e entregue-as ao seu professor.

LESSONS 1 – 2 – 3
1) What does your best friend look like?
2) Do you have freckles or a beauty mark?
3) Would you like to buy an LCD TV? (Answer with too or enough)
4) Would you consider living in another country?
5) Who is the tallest person in your family? Who is the most sociable?
6) Was Pelé the best or the worst Brazilian soccer player?
7) Are you tired of listening to Justin Bieber’s songs?
8) What courses are you interested in taking?
9) What kind of movie do you like best?
10) What’s your favorite fruit? What vegetables do you dislike?
11) I’m overweight; I need to lose ten kilos. What had I better do?
12) You are in an outdoor market. Bananas cost 4 dollars, but you have only 3. You must say:
  •  How about a discount?
  •  I thought it was fantastic.

LESSONS 4 – 5 – 6
1) What sports should you practice to exercise your legs?
2) What problems might happen to you while playing soccer?
3) What may you do when you arrive home?
4) How often do you cook by yourself? Did you hurt yourself while cooking yesterday?
5) A: What’s the matter? You don’t look very well. B: __________________________.
6) A: Guess what! I won 1,000,000 dollars in the lottery.

  • What a pity!
  • Congratulations! Terrific!
  • I thought it was disappointing.

7) Do you have a driver’s license?
8) What’s the hardest part of the road test?
9) Do you always cross the street on the crosswalk? What mustn’t drivers do?
10) What must good students always do?
11) Did you use to enjoy reading or listening to fairy tales?
12) In your opinion, is cooking child’s play?
13) When agreeing with somebody, must we say:

  • I don’t think so.
  • Maybe.
  • Absolutely!

14) Change this sentence into plural. A child has a mouse as a pet and that woman doesn’t like it. ____________________________________________________.
15) Do you have two left feet?
LESSONS 7 – 8 – 9
1) Have you ever traveled to Europe?
2) Has your best friend ever swum in a river?
3) Have your parents told you ‘good morning’ yet?
4) Have you seen your neighbor today?
5) What do you find at an airport?
6) What would you like to buy in a garage sale?
7) In a garage sale: Would you buy an old plate?

  • Not in a million years.
  • I have been to a garage sale before.
8) Choose the correct form:
·         We _____________ five books last week. (bought / have bought)
·         Pamela _____________ a lot of websites today. And she won’t go to school, so she will continue doing that. (visited / has visited)
·         I _____________ the accident. I was sleeping. (didn’t see / haven’t seen)
·         Andrew and Daniel _____________ many magazines this year. (read / have read)
9) What’s your favorite season?
10) What’s the weather like today?
11) What will you do if you have more money?
12) Give advice. (Use the imperative)
·         If you don’t want to get sick, ______________________________.
·         _______________________ if they call me.
·         If she loves me, _________________________________.
·         If it rains, ___________________________________.
LESSONS 10 – 11 – 12
1) In your opinion, what sports are awesome?
2) If somebody invites you to go swimming, what can’t you say?

  • Sounds like fun.
  • I wouldn’t miss it for the world.
  • I want to buy it.
  • Sorry, but I have to clean my bedroom.

3) Have you talked to anybody from Argentina?
4) Could you live anywhere without money?
5) Is there anything you would never do?
6) Which is nicer, playing sports or watching TV?
7) Are you a mouse potato or a fitness freak? Is anybody a couch potato in your family?
8) Who gets nervous easily in your classroom?
9) Answer with So or Neither:

  •  I have a car. (Margareth) Ex.: So does Margareth.
  •  I don’t have a motorcycle. (Peter and Marcel) Ex.: Neither do Peter and Marcel.
  • She bought a book. (Paul). ___________________
  • We have never done homework. (Lewis) __________________
  • I can dance. (My mother). ___________________
  • He shouldn’t go out tonight. (She) ___________________.

10) What are your pet peeves?
11) What drives you crazy? Do you feel upset when people chew gum loudly?
12) Complete with Question Tags.

  • He irritates you so much, ___________?
  • You lived in Europe, ___________?
  • She can’t understand what we say, ___________?
  • People don’t have cars in this city, ___________?
  •  There was an accident, ___________?
  • I am very nice, ___________?

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