26 set 2021

Aries – Taurus – Gemini

March 21st – April 20th

You are very independent. You don’t like working for other people. You have a lot of energy. And you like doing a lot of new things. You are courageous and fearless and you expect to do well. In fact you expect to come first in everything you try to achieve. You have a lot of enthusiasm, but you must learn before you leap! Don’t jump into marriage and then spend your life regretting it!

April 21st – May 20th
You work hard, you are practical, dependable and you achieve a lot. Nothing can stop you when you want to achieve something. So people like you to help them. You could build a big and happy family or a good business. You don’t like new ideas. You are rather conventional. You need safety and security, without them you are anxious, tense and frightened. You should learn to consider all the information first.

May 21st – June 21st
You have a lot of interests and you do many things. You are intelligent but you find it difficult to make decisions. You are a good talker but sometimes you bore people to death! You have opinions on everything and anything. You think rather superficially and never enjoy studying in depth. You are attractive to a lot of people of the opposite sex. You like to have a lot of friendships and enjoy making new friends.

(How to get people talking – Telling Fortunes)

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