20 set 2021


Do you like Carnival? How do you usually celebrate this typical Brazilian holiday, going to parades or resting at home? No matter how you do it, something is undeniable: it is almost impossible not to get involved when the topic is Carnival!
Even you don’t like it, people are on the streets, singing, partying, dancing, enjoying it! In Brazil, there are some parades in many cities which thousands of people take part of, wearing different costumes, showing how samba is in our DNA. Here, the party often starts on Friday and ends only on the so-called Ash Wednesday.
It is also true, unfortunately, that people sometimes exaggerate and abuse of alcohol changing their happiness into pure sadness, causing accidents on the roads, fighting for nothing recklessly without thinking of consequences.
However, people’s celebrating Carnival is what makes it remarkable, contagious and unique. All Brazilians stay tuned in only one beat. The beat of life. Watch the video below and feel it! =)

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