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Curiosities: Greeks and Trojans

When were the first Olympic Games?
The first Olympic Games were in 776 BC in Olympia in the south of Greece. The name Olympic comes from the name of the town Olympia. People came from all parts of Greece to the games.
There were games every four years but in AD 394 the Roman Emperor Theodosius stopped them. In 1896 the Olympic Games began again, and now there are games every four years.
What is the Marathon?
The Marathon is a race in the Olympic Games. The name comes from a famous battle between the Greeks and the Persians. The Greeks won the battle and sent a runner to Athens. He told the Athenians the good news. The distance from Marathon to Athens is about 37 kilometres, but the race in the Olympic Games is now 42.197 kilometeres long.
What was the Trojan horse?
The Trojan horse was a huge, wooden horse. The Greeks built this horse and used it in their war with Troy. They tricked their enemy, the Trojans, with it. The Greeks wanted to go inside the walls of Troy, so some Greek soldiers climbed into the horse. The horse was a present from the Greeks to the Trojans, so the Trojans took it into their town. At night the Greek soldiers climbed out of the horse and destroyed the town of Troy.
And talking about the Olympic Games, what do you expect from Rio 2016?
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