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Curiosities: To infinity and beyond…

Who was the first man in space?
The first man in space was Yuri Gagarin, a Russian, on 12 April 1961. He went round the Earth in 89.34 minutes and he was in space for 108 minutes. Gagarin died in a plane crash in 1968.
Who was the first woman in space?
The first woman in space was Valentina Tereshkova, a Russian. She went into space on 16 June 1963 and was in space for about three days. She went round the Earth 48 times and travelled about 1,960,000 kilometers.

When did the first man walk in space?
The first man walked in space on 18 March 1965. Aleksey Leonor, a Russian, was outside his spacecraft for 12 minutes 9 seconds. He floated in space at the end of a long line.

Who was the first man on the moon?
The first man on the moon was an American, Neil Armstrong. He landed on the moon with Edwin Aldrin on 21 July 1969. They traveled in the lunar module. The were on the moon for about 21 1/2 hours. Then they went back in the lunar module and joined Michael Collins in the command module.
Armstrong and Aldrin brought back some moon dust and moon rocks to Earth. They did not find any life on the moon.
Will it be possible for us to live on another planet? On Mars maybe? Who knows???

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