24 maio 2022

FLYING HIGH – 48 questions

Imprima as perguntas que desejar, responda-as e entregue-as ao seu professor.

LESSONS 1 – 2 – 3
1)      Is your mother able to live in the country?
2)      Where are you able to find good restaurants?
3)      Do you have a hectic or a laid-back life?
4)      What do you say when you see someone again after some time?
  • a.       No way!
  • b.      How long has it been?

5)      What can you say when you disagree about anything?

  • a.       Come off it!
  • b.      Terrific!

6)      Who answers the phone in your house?

7)      Who talked to you yesterday?
8)      What  family chores don’t you like doing?
9)      Are you familiar with online banking?
10)   What’s the best excuse for not spending money?
  • a.       It was worth it.
  • b.      I’m watching my spending right now.

11)   Has your best friend gone shopping with you recently?

12)   What have you done lately?
LESSONS 4 – 5 – 6
1)      What ‘s your clothing style?
2)      How long have you been on a diet?
3)      What’s your opinion about fashion fads?
4)      Who wears tight jeans and t-shirts, studded belts and shoes, emo or country people?
5)      Which body language is more effective in your opinion, winking or making eye contact?
6)      How do you get to the nearest bakery?
7)      Which expression is not used when giving directions:
  • a.       Go straight ahead.
  • b.      Turn left.
  • c.       Sit down.

8)      Talking about flirting, you may use:

  • a.       Changing the subject.
  • b.      Has anyone ever told you that you have a really nice smile?

9)      What would you suggest as a complete menu?

10)   When you don’t want to eat, do you say?
  • a.       Thank you, but I don’t drink.
  • b.      Oh, well. It’s a special occasion.
  • c.       My stomach is feeling a little weird.

11)   What have you been doing all mornings?

12)   How long have your family been ordering pizza from the same place?
LESSONS 7 – 8 – 9
1)      A 14-year-old boy should have a part-time or a full-time job? Why?
2)      When you talk about your professional experience, do you mention?
  • a.       I’ve already had a part-time job.
  • b.      I’m friendly.

3)      How long does it take you to get to school?

4)      How long would it take your best friend to find a job in this city?
5)      Have you ever been robbed in this city?
6)      When you see a child fall off his bike you run to help him. Are you just like that, are you sort of like that or are you not like that at all?
7)      What’s the correct passive voice sentence:
  • a.       A book have bought for me.
  • b.      A book was bought by me

8)      Write the correct passive voice form:

a.       You are calling your best friend. ___________________________________.
9)      Would you mind helping me push my car?
10)   Are you Portuguese or Brazilian?
11)   Join these sentences: Paul is one of the coordinators. I don’t like Paul.
12)   Join these sentences: I have a book. Nobody has my book.
LESSONS  10 – 11 – 12
1)      If somebody says to you “Take it easy”, is this person calming you down or expressing anger?
2)      Do you make fun of people because of accent?
3)      Do you lend your books to your friends?
4)      Will your parents give you and your brothers presents for Christmas?
5)      What are your plans for the future?
6)      What would you do if you needed money?
7)      Where would you live if you were rich?
8)      Who could you talk to, if you wanted to travel around the world?
9)      When you encourage someone, do you say:
  • a.       Go for it.
  • b.      Better safe than sorry.

10)   How come you go to Santos on foot?

11)   How come you woke up so early on Sunday?
12)   What are the best things in life?

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