28 maio 2022

Libra – Scorpio – Sagittarius

September 23rd – October 22nd

You like to think clearly. And you are happiest when you are surrounded by similar kinds of people. You are creative… perhaps you act in the theatre, or paint, dance, sing or write poetry. you don’t like doing boring work. Your emotions change a lot: sometimes you are happy and the next moment you feel sad. You work hard when you want to understand something but then, when you do understand it you lose all interest. You are friendly and people like being with you.
October 23rd – November 22nd
You have a strong mind and a strong body. You can make decisions and you like working by yourself. You like to be the boss. You like to lead even if you aren’t qualified to be the leader. You are a perfectionist… you like everything you do to be perfect. And you expect everybody else to be perfect as well!
November 23rd – December 21st
You are extremely generous. You are open to other people even if they have very different ideas. You like a comfortable home but you also enjoy travelling and you want the freedom to go wherever you want and to do whatever you wish. You want freedom of expression and of love and you are willing to give the same freedom to your friends. You like working hard and you are always anxious to finish what you have begun. You enjoy laughing and telling jokes.

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