19 maio 2022

Monica’s Gang – A little about them…

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Hello guys, some time ago, we put here in our blog some comics of “Monica´s Gang” (Turma da Mônica). But, one thing we didn’t say, but is a nice curiosity that just a few people know, is the name of our characters.
Since they started to translate the name, they’ve already changed, for example (Cebolinha and Cascão used to be Stanley and Scurfy). The most amazing this is that many names are really original and have everything to do with the characters. Let’s see the names of some of them.

P.S.: (A Turma da Mônica) is called “Monica´s Gang.
The Main Characters (Os Personagens Principais)
Mônica – Monica (They never forget.)
Short, fat and bucktoothed – (Gorducha, baixinha and dentuça, the three “titles” to Monica.)
Cebolinha – Jimmy Five (The name tries to “translate” the character’s hair.)
Cascão – Smudge
Magali – Maggy (Sooooo cute *-*)
Sansão – Samson (Kind of obvious.)
Franjinha – Franklin (This one was great, the character is as smart as Benjamin Franklin.)
Anjinho – Angel
Marina – Marina
Dudu – Junior (The boy that doesn’t want to eat.)
Quinzinho – Toddy
Do Contra – Nick Nope (With this name he could be a rockstar!)
Nimbus – Nimbus
Chico Bento – Chuck Billy
Rosinha – Rosie Lee
Penadinho – Bug-A-Booo (Always with three Os!)
Horácio – Horacio (Simple)
Muminho – Moe, the Mummy
Dona Morte – Lady McDeath (I loved this one.)
Maurício – Mauricio (Exactly! The Americans have the right to know who the guy that invented these characters is.)
Bidu – Blu (For a blue dog, I think the name is even better than it was in Portuguese.)
Floquinho – Fluff
Chovinista – Chauvy (PS: Chauvy is taking too long to grow up, don’t you think? Did you know that pigs grow up really fast? That’s why the movie “Babe” used more than 10 pigs!!!!)
Monicão – Ditto
Mingau – Vanilla / Popcorn
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More Characters (Mais Personagens)
Bugu – Glu
Duque – Duke (Oh! Really?)
Manfredo – Manfred
Cascuda – Dustine
Titi – Bucky
Aninha – Isabel(?!)
Jeremias – Jeremiah
Zé Luiz – Specs
Capitão Feio – Capitain Frey
Dr. Olimpo – Dr. Soclean
Carminha Frufru – Cindy
Tia Nena – Aunt Nina
Hiro – Taka
Zé da Roça – Cousin Benny?(Chico was Zé da Roças’s cousin, that’s why the name)
Zé Lele – Zeke (Or Cousin Zeke)
Giselda – Ma Megg
Torresmo – Porkchop
Vó Dita – Granny Mae
Tecodonte – Theco
Alfredo – Terry
Tina – Tina (WOW)
Rolo – Curly
Pipa – Puff (Don’t confuse with the orange bear)
Rei Leonino – Lionel
Jotalhão – Thunder
Tarugo – Tim Turtle
Piteco – Pitheco
Bolota – Hank
Thuga – Tooga
Zum e Bum – Zoom & Boom
Astronauta – Bubbly
Ritinha – Rita
Papa-Capim – Tom-Tom
Jurema (an indian) – Papaya
Cafuné – Tamoyo
And every time they create more characters, they need to find a good name for other countries too. And even knowing how much work they have, it’s also funny and really nice to do, because with that, they can reach kids in the whole world. Sometimes the names are different, or even weird for us, but all of them have the same positive and funny message as here in Brazil.
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Sempre lembrando que os direitos autorais de todas as imagens contidas neste post pertencem a Maurício de Sousa Produções e podem ser encontradas no site www.monica.com.br.

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