11 set 2021

Specially For You

Do not confuse these similar words.


A package is a parcel, usually sent by post: A package containing a bomb was delivered to her home.

In American English, a package is also a paper or plastic container that food etc. is sold in: a package of cookies.

In British English, a packet is a box, bag, or some other container that things are sold in: a packet of biscuits; a packet of crisps. A packet can also sometimes be called a pack: a pack of cigarettes. This meaning of pack is also used in American English.

In American English, a packet is a small flat paper or plastic container for something uch as tomato ketchup or sugar. The British word for this is a sachet.

Packaging is material that is put round things that are sold, to protect them or to encourage people to buy them: It’s the same olf stuff in better packaging.

Packing is material that is put around things to protect them, especially from getting damaged in the post: Carefully remove the computer from its foam packing.



It is better to use especially in front of adjectives to emphasize them, although some people use specially. This cake was especially good. / This part is especially interesting.

Use especially to say that something applies more to one thing or situation than to others: Everyone loved it, especially the children. You should call first, especially if you’re going to be late.

Use specially to say that something is done or made for a particular purpose: I got this specially for you. / I specially designed the equipment.

ESPECIALLY never comes at the start of a sentence: He loves fruit. He especially loves kiwis.  (NOT Espcially he likes…).

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