26 set 2021

TEENSTATION 1 – 48 questions

Imprima as perguntas que desejar, responda-as e entregue-as ao seu professor.

LESSONS 1 – 2 – 3
1) Is that a backpack?
2) Who is your teacher?
3) Are those erasers?
4) What is this? (cookies / a banana).
5) What are these? (carrot sticks / an orange)
6) Are you hungry?
7) Are apples delicious?
8) What’s your favorite junk food?
9) Where are the students? (a cereal bar / in the locker area)
10) Where is the toilet paper?
11) Are the bars of soap on or under the sink?
12) Is the ball in the gym?

LESSONS 4 – 5 – 6
1) When is your birthday?
2) Is December the first month of the year?
3) Is Thanksgiving in October or November?
4) How old are you?
5) Are you studying or sleeping?
6) Is she watching TV?
7) At night, are you having lunch or having dinner?
8) What is your mother doing now?
9) Are there posters in your bedroom?
10) Is you mirror to the right or to the left of the window?
11) What color are your socks and shoes?
12) Are you wearing a pink dress?

LESSONS 7 – 8 – 9
1) Is your cousin singing in the garage?
2) Can you cook in the bathroom?
3) What can you do with mayonnaise and ketchup?
4) Can you eat four pizzas after dinner?
5) People from China are Chinese. People from Mexico are _________.
6) Is Angelina Jolie from Japan?
7) Where are you from?
8) Are you at school at 11 o’clock?
9) What is your favorite season?
10) Can you go snowboarding in hot weather?
11) What’s the weather like in Praia Grande: rainy, cloudy or sunny?
12) Can you wear boots and a scarf when you go to the beach?

LESSONS 10 -11 -12
1) Do you ride the zip line on weekends?
2) What’s your favorite day?
3) Do you feed the horses or the cows?
4) Are you afraid of thunders?
5) Are you in a good mood today?
6) What can you do with your arms?
7) Do your friends cut their nails every week?
8) How many ears do you have?
9) Are koalas carnivores?
10) Are gorillas fast?
11) Are spiders beautiful or horrible?
12) Is your mother afraid of butterflies?

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