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TEENSTATION 2 – 61 questions

Imprima as perguntas que desejar, responda-as e entregue-as ao seu professor.

LESSONS 1 – 2 – 3
1) Do you have a night table and a video game in your bedroom?
2) Don’t you want new furniture?
3) How are you? (I’m fine / Sure)
4) What’s your room like?
5) Do you like to get up early?
6) What do you do every day?
7) Does your mom take a shower every day?
8) When you have no idea, do you say?

• I don’t know.
• I agree.

9) Does your friend drink Coke at a fast-food restaurant?
10) Your brother chats online every day. (    ) True (    ) False
11) Does your computer come with a webcam and speakers?
12) Does your best friend brush his / her teeth after breakfast?
13) When you don’t want to go out, do you say?

• I’m not in the mood.
• Take care.

14) Are you a mouse potato or a whiz kid? Is your best friend a busy bee or a couch potato?
15) Does your sister like to play games?

LESSONS 4 – 5 – 6
1) Do you prefer to go to the movie theater or the ice cream parlor?
2) Does your best friend talk to you every day?
3) Complete:

I  Me
You  You
He  ______
______ Her
It  ______
We  ______
You  ______
______ Them

4) Where do you have your hair cut, at a pet shop or a beauty salon?
5) Do you wash your hand at the drinking water?
6) Can you help me? (Sure / You can go first)
7) What gifts can you give to boys and girls? (earrings / make-up case / digital camera)
8) Whose birthday is in April?
9) My birthday is (IN / ON) September 2nd.
10) Have a nice day. (You too / Do you need help?)
11) How much are those purses?
12) Whose sneakers are these? (It’s my brother’s / They’re my brother’s / They’re cool).
13) Are you doing your homework?
14) Do you like to fool around?
15) What’s the matter? (I’m really happy / I’m really ticked off)
16) Who is studying now?

LESSONS 7 – 8 – 9
1) Can you make a paper airplane?
2) Are you going to go to the shopping mall tomorrow?
3) Is your mother going to give you a computer?
4) How many friends do you have at school?
5) When are you going to surf the Net?
6) Was Pelé a volleyball player?
7) Who was Da Vinci, a scientist or a doctor?
8) When your mother was little, was she good at riding bikes?
9) Were you born in Italy?
10) What do you like to do at parks?
11) Were you at school yesterday morning?
12) Was your friend at a party last weekend?
13) Do prefer amusement parks or water parks?
14) Do you have a journal?

LESSONS 10 – 11 – 12
1) Were there napkins on the restaurant table?
2) When you eat, do you use a fork and a knife?
3) Was there one teacher in the classroom?
4) When is the US Independence Day? (on July 4th / on October 31st).
5) Can you use chopsticks at a Japanese restaurant?
6) Do you like to sleep over at a friend’s house?
7) Do you and your friends eat popcorn at the movie theater?
8) Do you like pillow fights?
9) When was there a party at your house?
10) Here are some DVDs. Pick one. (I like romance / cakes / toothbrush).
11) What time is it? 11:00 _________________ 02:50 _________________ 03:30 _________________07:15 _________________ 11:20 _________________ 10:45 _________________ 09:35 _________________
12) Do you want to go on a cruise on your vacation?
13) This is my suitcase. This suitcase is (MINE / MY /ME)
14) Those in-line skates are hers. Those are (HER / HERS) in-line skates.
15) Do you prefer to make new friends or sleep in on your vacation?
16) Complete with IN / ON / AT.
I live _____ São Paulo and the Splendor Hotel is where I work. The hotel is _____ Beautiful Avenue. I like to go to the shopping mall on weekends. It is _____ 14 Summer Street.

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