20 set 2021

Who put @ in our e-mail?

His name is Ray Tomlinson, and he’s also the man who invented e-mail. It was in 1971, and he says that there was no reason for inventing it.
Not many people know him, but that is not something that bothers him, not really. According to him, he still gets lots of e-mails from computer nerds thanking him for what he’s done. What really annoys him is when he gets spam.
In English, @ is called “at”, but other languages have more interesting names. In South Africa, it is “monkey’s tail”; in Denmark, it is often “pig’s tail”; in France, it is sometimes “little snail”; in Greece, it is a “little duck”; in Hungary, it is “worm”; in Poland, it is sometimes “little cat”; in Russiam it usually is “little dog”; in Sweden, it is “elephant’s trunk”; and Turkish e-mailers call it simply “ear”.

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