17 maio 2022

Reading is very cool…

…. and may help you a lot! If you are interested in developing your reading skills, but you think books may take up most of your time, why don’t you try some magazines? At FISK – Praia Grande, you can find different ones like SpeakUp and Newsweek.

When you read Newsweek you catch up with the most recent facts all over the world. You will be able to read articles on politics, economy, religion, interesting facts, among others. Besides that, you widely expand your vocabulary getting to know new words about different issues. Newsweek is a magazine that presents adult-like views , more focused on students who have advanced English.
But if you are interested in learning English language facts and idioms you should definetely have a quick peek at SpeakUp. You can find literature, songs, games, interviews and much more. What’s more, you may practice your reading abilities as long as you improve your listening skills. That’s possible because SpeakUp provides you with a CD which brings tracks on sections from the magazine. Another good point of SpeakUp is the English-level sign that you can see in the beginning of articles, which has 5 different categories (from A2: Pre-intermediate to C2: Proficiency).

Monica’s Gang and its Spanish version, Mónica y su pandilla.

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