21 set 2021

Word Choice: What do you really do? I control…

Synonyms help you expand your vocabulary and, consequently, improve your speaking and writing skills. But they may also be a little bit complicated when we don’t know how to use them. Check’em out!
That’s why it is essential to know the context at which you want include a word. For instance… CONTROLAR.
To CONTROL something means to have the power to make it work in the way that you want, usually without anyone else being able to stop you. The army controls the north of the country. O exército controla o norte do país.
To MANAGE something means to organize the way that it works, often with responsibility for other people’s work. She manages a team of software developers. Ela gerencia / controla uma equipe de desenvolvedores de softwares.
To RUN something such as business means to organize it and take the important decisions about how it works, perhaps as the owner of the business. Louise will be running the project. Louise controlará / comandará o projeto.

To BE IN CHARGE means to have responsibility for a situation or activity and decide what happens in it. He’s in charge of marketing. Ele está no controle / encarregado da propaganda.

*   *   *   *

To CONTROL may also means to make sure that something is done correctly. The company strictly controls the quality of its products. A companhia controla rigorosamente a qualidade de seus produtos.
To CHECK or INSPECT means to look at something carefully to see if it is correct, safe or legal. Your passports will be checked / inspected on arrival. Seus passaportes serão checados / inspecionados na chegada.
To EXAMINE means to look at something very carefully in order to find out more about it. Scientists who examined the letter declared it a fake. Cientistas que examinaram a carta disseram-na falsa.
To TEST means to carry out an experiment or process in order to find out what qualities something has. Every car is tested to ensure that it meets high safety standards. Cada carro é testado para garantir que se encontra nos padrões de alta segurança.
To MONITOR means to keep checking or testing something over a period of time to see if it changes. This device monitors room temperature and humidity. Este aparelho monitora / controla a temperatura e a umidade da sala.
*   *   *   *

That is it, guys. Keep on studying and don’t lose your control! =P

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